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Tatiana A. Iakovleva

Tatiana Iakovleva holds a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Stavanger Business School, Norway. She received her Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship from the Bode Graduate School of Business, Norway (2008).

She studies entrepreneurial intentions, gender issues in entrepreneurship, integration of social responsibility in the business development process, and effects of external enablers such as digitalization on opportunity recognition. Her first book (2019) looks at how to build inclusive entrepreneurship practices to ensure socially responsible outcomes and builds upon enterprise cases in digital health across seven different countries. Her second book (2022) debates the role of entrepreneurial and engaged universities in regional development and includes cases from six different European countries. Her upcoming third book (2024) looks at opportunity recognition and the creation of boundary innovation spaces in digital health. Dr. Iakovleva has over 75 publications in international peer-reviewed journals on the topic of responsibility, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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